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  • Launching in 2017

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  • How is Verbase Different?

    'Search' is What Connects Everyone (and Everything) on the Internet.

    Verbase is the Platform that Brings It All Together, Letting People Get Things Done.

    Spam-free Results

    It cleans out spam and gets rid of sites with too much advertising.

    On most search engines, the first 1-3 results are often ads. Verbase not only removes advertising from your search results but filters out sites with lots of advertising on them from the result list. No more wasting time clicking on ads that look like search results!

    Free PPC Advertising for Advertisers

    A new ad format ushers in a new era of online advertising

    A new ad format (codenamed "Brads") makes the usual pay-per-click (PPC) business model for search engines obsolete. Brads is a format that benefits both users and advertisers in a sticky and engaging way that makes everyone happy. However, we'll still provide advertisers with PPC advertising - for free.

    Search Can Be Fun and Interesting Again

    The days of boring web search experiences are coming to an end

    Why should looking for something on the web be such a boring, and often frustrating, experience? Verbase makes searching on the web exciting again.

    The Action Engine

    Empowering users to take action

    Verbase is all about action, not just information. We realize that when people look for things on the internet, oftentimes they are searching because they want to do something else. Verbase discovers not just what people mean but what action they're looking to take.


    A New Kind of Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial neural networks powered by content

    Verbase is powered by a unique kind of artificial intelligence where content, rather than artificial neurons, actually learns. This enables us to move beyond the what of search to the how and why. It will also allow content to create other kinds of content, enabling all kinds of new and interesting paradigms.

    You Are Not A Product

    You can make money with YouTube. Why not your search engine?

    Most search engines make money from users clicking on advertising. That means that the real product is you, not the search results. It also means that the result page may sometimes be skewed towards less relevant listings that benefit the search engine. Verbase turns this business model on its head, allowing users to benefit from advertisers with the new Brads format.

    A Level Playing Field

    Why should users be left on the sidelines?

    Sites like Wikipedia, YouTube, and others have been successful in giving users control over content, but general search engines don't do this. Verbase adds tools to give users more control, allowing for a better and more engaging search experience for everyone.

    Transforming Things Into Actions

    The platform for doing things on the internet

    The 'Internet of Things' isn't just about connecting different kinds of objects to the internet. It's about making everyday life easier for people. It will also enable users to do things they never thought were possible before. Verbase expands a user's capacity to act on all kinds of information so they can do a whole lot more of whatever it is they want to do.

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